Oil Sweep Services in Newark, New Jersey

Purchasing property is already a stressful experience for many, and without an oil sweep, it can become more challenging

Some sales don’t require the owner to disclose that a tank exists. Some may not even know that one is underground at all.

Instead, Oil Tank Pros provides reliable oil sweep solutions for your home or commercial land. Hiring us is the best decision for your properties because we offer:

  • In-Depth Oil Scan
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Local Service Contractors
  • Affordable Oil Sweeps
  • Professional Advice
  • Oil Tank Removal Services
  • And more solutions

Abandoned tanks can cause values to plummet, so oil sweep services are useful before buying. Contact us now for your best oil sweep services and keep your property safer.

What is an Oil Sweep?

Oil tanks are buried deep beneath your soil, and out of direct sight. Older properties are especially at an increased risk of hidden leaks.
Most metal tanks have already aged and they cause tons of damage. Even a tiny puncture can lead to severe fuel flooding, and also:
  • Interior Tank Leaks
  • Exterior Fuel Seepage
  • Bacteria Growth
  • Rust Contamination
  • Air Pollution
  • Groundwater Contamination
  • Decreased Property Values
  • Indoor Pollutants
  • Soil Contamination
  • Flame/Combustion Hazards
  • Higher Insurance Costs
  • And many other problems

The Best Oil Sweep NJ Contractors

Hunting down abandoned oil tanks requires experienced professionals for success. Otherwise, someone could easily miss some of the most basic signs of problems.
Many systems leave behind original fittings and lines that lead underground. Others can start contaminating the interior of buildings on the property.
Thankfully, our team knows how important it is to leave no stone unturned as we perform oil sweeps. You know you have found the right contractors for the job because of:
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Soil Probes
  • Industrial-Grade Magnetometer
  • Unusual Plumbing Lines
  • Visible Pollutants
  • Interior Sweep
  • Outdoor Inspection
  • Above Ground Tanks
  • Furnace Chimneys
  • Odd Odors Inspection
  • Soggy Ground Scans
  • And other tell-tale signs

Our level of skill, combined with the best professional tools will always get better results. Contact us now to schedule your oil sweep with our expert technicians.

The Best Oil Tank Sweep Near Me in Newark, NJ

Some properties are more at risk for abandoned oil tanks than others. Depending on when regulations took effect, many buildings before 1988 still have them.
As a result, many people feel shocked that one still lives under their yard. It isn’t until damage has already happened that they call us.
You don’t need to wait until it’s already too late. Instead, contact our technicians as soon as you suspect you have a problem.
When in doubt, choose our reliable service contractors for an affordable oil sweep. See why more property owners turn to us at Oil Tank Pros now.

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