Oil Tank Removal Services

Oil Tank Removal Services in Newark,Nj

When purchasing property, oil tank removal services become a vital service to hire. Otherwise, the soil could be more hazardous than you anticipated.

These items maintain strict regulations and require an expert contractor team to remove them. Choosing the right oil tank removal company means a cleaner, healthier property with:
  • Certified Contractors
  • Improved Property Values
  • Environmentally Safe Soil
  • Healthier Landscaping
  • Better Curb Appeal
  • Safer Properties
  • Reduced Contamination Risk
  • Better Air Quality
  • Reduced Fire Risk
  • And more benefits

Oil Tank Pros

Oil Tank Pros is your trusted name for Newark, NJ, tank removal experts. We take out abandoned tanks and install new ones, all at lower pricing. Contact us now to schedule your oil tank sweep, removal, or installation. See why more residents prefer our team over anyone else around.

Best Oil Tank Removal Near Me Newark, NJ

New regulations didn’t appear until the 1980s, and so many of those old oil tanks leaked. As a result, they pollute the soil and groundwater below.

Making matters worse, some property owners don’t even realize that one exists underneath their property. It isn’t until they hire us for oil tank detection to bring the problem forward.

From new unit installations to oil tank remediation, you can hire us for it all. We offer a range of affordable solutions for your property, such as:

  • Oil Tank Removal
  • Residential Services
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Oil Tank Sweeps
  • Soil Testing
  • Oil Tank Installation
  • Fuel Oil Tank Disposal
  • Free Service Estimates
  • And more services

We offer everything you need for safer, healthier homes and commercial property. Contact us now to hear more about your options for oil tank removal services

Commercial Oil Tank Removal NJ

Gas stations and oil companies were some of the worst offenders in the 80s. Today, underground oil tank removal saves the day, time and time again.

Remove an Oil Tank From Your Yard

Having to call for a furnace oil tank removal is something many homeowners dread. We keep the process simple, along with dependable service contractors.

Underground Oil Tank Leak Remediation

Once oil leaks and pollutes the soil, it leaches into any nearby water sources. And because they don’t mix well, it becomes a hazard to you and area wildlife.

Oil Tank Sweep NJ

You can’t remove what you don’t see, but we always find our mark. Our oil tank sweeps locate any abandoned tanks under your property.

Soil Testing NJ

Soil testing is crucial for finding the extent of any pollution. Otherwise, you could face long remediation times and potentially higher costs.

Oil Tank Installation

The ideal way to prevent oil tank leaks is with a professional installation. When you need a new unit hooked up, turn to our team.

Fuel Oil Tank Disposal

Since you can’t roll old oil tanks out to the curb. We dispose of your leaky units correctly every time.

The Best Oil Tank Removal Company Near Me in Newark, NJ

Some properties in the area have old tanks that were installed decades ago. Others don’t know that one exists, and it’s silently polluting their land.

Rather than hoping for the best, you can count on our contractors. As your local service operators, we deliver convenient solutions every day.

Contact us to schedule your free service estimate to find and eliminate tanks. We provide the best solutions throughout the Newark area, such as:

  • Downtown Newark
  • South Broad Valley
  • Five Corners
  • University Heights
  • The Ironbound
  • Port Newark
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Forest Hill
  • Seventh Avenue
  • Four Corners
  • Government Center
  • Gateway Center
  • And the surrounding communities
Wherever you suspect an old tank might be leaking, we’re here for you. Call today to eliminate your worst polluters with dependable area technicians.

Oil Tank Abandonment in Newark, NJ

Most oil tanks in use are already past their prime. Repeated use, overfilling, and missed maintenance items make a mess, such as:

  • Soil Contamination
  • Air Pollution
  • Indoor Air Contamination
  • Water Pollution
  • Surface Water Contamination
  • Oil Fume Exposure
  • Possible Lawsuits
  • And other issues
 Even when made from steel, these units don’t last forever. They all buckle, bend, and break eventually, spilling oil in the process.

They aren’t only an environmental headache, but can cause other issues, too. You can also find yourself in legal heat for leaks getting out of hand.

Choosing us means keeping yards cleaner and commercial property at lower costs. Contact our oil tank removal experts now to schedule us.

Why Do I Need Oil Tank Removal Services in NJ?

Typical containers in use are years beyond their expected service life. The longer it stays, the worse the leaks grow by the second.

Even a pinhole-sized leak could release hundreds of gallons of fuel. Without knowing the problem exists, it only impacts you and your neighbors longer.

Before long, you have an expensive lawsuit and fines from the EPA. Or, you can find and eliminate issues before they grow out of hand.

As the best in Newark oil tank removal service, we save you more. Protect your home or commercial space today with our local experts.

What Type of Oil Tank Do I Have?

Based on the year and condition of your property, we could find several types of containers. Much older systems used copper, while modern ones use aluminum or steel.

Each type of fuel has specific storage guidelines for safer keeping. Some materials can’t contain certain gases or fluids, making them corrode quicker.

No matter what type of tank we find, we remove them all. Contact us to locate and remove any underground oil tanks you have, including:

  • Steel Tanks
  • Aluminum Units
  • Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel (COPV)
  • Thermoplastic Oil Tanks
  • Underground Cisterns
  • Copper Fuel Tanks
  • And others

When in doubt, have us sweep your land for abandoned tanks. No one keeps more properties safer than we do.

The Best Oil Tank Removal Company NJ

Old oil tanks cause environmental concerns and can interrupt your life. Selling your home or commercial space can become nearly impossible without our help.

Make sure you aren’t ignoring oil and fuel leaks. Choose Oil Tank Pros for your property, and prevent more pollution concerns now.

Oil Tank Removal Contractors in Newark, New Jersey


As a homeowner or business owner in Newark, NJ, you have unique challenges. Virtually everyone needs an oil tank removal eventually for the wellbeing of their property.
For years, houses and businesses have had metal tanks installed that now seep and leak. These containers can’t safely contain fuel, and can be polluting the ground without you knowing.
Instead, you can still rely on us at Oil Tank Pros every time. We offer fast, convenient, and affordable oil tank removal throughout the community.
When you need an experienced team of contractors for your job, hire us. We guarantee better results and lower pricing over anyone else around.

Residential Fuel Oil Tank Removal Near Me

Abandoned oil tanks cause many headaches for homeowners, especially when they’re trying to sell their home. Many mortgage companies won’t even lend when these containers leak.
It also doesn’t help that they reduce your overall property’s value. It can also be challenging to buy homeowners’ insurance until after the tank is removed.
When in doubt, you can count on our local contractors. We eliminate more oil tanks from residential lawns with affordable solutions.
From initial oil sweeps to quality removal and remediation, we handle it all. Give your residential property the best team around and contact us now.

Commercial Oil Tank Removal Contractors Newark, NJ

Companies are notorious about running equipment into the ground before replacing it. While that seems like a cost-effective strategy, it doesn’t apply to oil tanks.
These systems still in use today wore out years ago, and can be causing tons of issues. When equipment doesn’t work the way it should, it only costs you more.
Rather than maintaining an inefficient tank, have us remove and replace it instead. Today’s above ground systems offer plenty of advantages, as well as simplified maintenance.
Whatever fuel you process or depend on for work, we can help. Contact us and learn more about our best commercial oil tank removal contractors.

Why Oil Tank Removal in Newark, NJ?

While these systems rarely leaked in the past, now they often will. Because of their age, rust, and corrosion, they only continue to pollute your yard.
Oil seeps out, damaging the soil, groundwater, and air around your property. Over time, even the inside of your home starts to smell like oil.
While it’s buried, the problem spreads, worsening the soil quality. Before long, it spreads to your neighbors, creating a bigger mess.
Instead of ignoring these environmental hazards, we offer affordable service contractors. Hire the expert team of oil tank removal specialists now with us.

Underground Tank Removal Companies Near Me in Newark, NJ

While not all oil tanks leak, those that are 20 years old or more do. Also, if they’re out of sight, you don’t realize the extent of the damage.
Too many homeowners and business owners ignore the problem. By then, even the EPA steps in, costing you more money.
Don’t let oil tanks continue polluting your yard. Call Oil Tank Pros today and save more with our removal services.

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